Ilios Hotel


You will find us on the main beach of the village, next to the sea. The location is unique and ideal for tasting fresh fish, seafood specialties, and freshly cooked Greek food.

The fresh fish has been honored in our area since Grandfather George brought his fish and Grandma Stella put it in the pan or made her famous kakavia (fish soup). So did our parents, and so do we. Ask us what fresh fish we have to offer or take a look at the fish showcase. we would recommend you to taste our famous cockatoo, one of the specialties of the shop. Crabs, roasted or fried, fresh fish will reward you !!!

If you love pasta and seafood, Psara’s Spaghetti, the second specialty of the store, will give your palate a unique taste experience.

The many options, the menu includes Greek cuisine, seafood and fresh fish, so that it can please even the most demanding visitor. We will be glad to serve you and hear your comments.